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Comprehensive Data

BankruptcyWatch covers all 94 bankruptcy jurisdictions called Districts. Utilize our API to search and parse any information about any case in any district - including filed petitions and statements and schedules.

End-to-End Reliability

Our system interacts directly with the PACER court system. This means you get exactly the data the court sees, parsed through our custom PACER mining tools, and validated through machine learning models.

Fully Integrated

Our API doesn’t just gather PACER data, it also supports document filing and active participation in any bankruptcy case. Automatically detect, research, and respond to bankruptcy events without staff intervention.

Parsing results


Seamlessly interact with any piece of bankruptcy data—from filing notifications to case details, emails, parsed PDFs, aggregate statistics, and case filing—within a single platform.


Automate your bankruptcy workflow by uniting data and processes across your entire system, from research and origination to monitoring and filing.

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API documentation


Quickly build and scale production-ready bankruptcy processes using our API-first platform. Utilize our comprehensive documentation to easily create custom processes and streamline any part of your bankruptcy workflow.


We support more integrations than any other bankruptcy platform, so you can automate bankruptcy workflows with the tools you use today—and tomorrow.

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Scale Your Operations

Our platform is the backbone for some of the largest lenders and law firms across the country. Automate and scale your bankruptcy workflow. Benefit from billions of data points with our high-volume, low-latency infrastructure.

200,000,000+Consumers Monitored

5,300,000+Cases Reviewed

6,700,000+Forms Parsed

330,000+Claims Processed

Discover how to automate bankruptcieswith less risk.