• Kiss PACER Goodbye

    PDF data extraction

    Kiss PACER Goodbye

    Our PACER API provides the data you need, when and where you need it. Keep staff inside your own platform and utilize our API as an efficient, affordable PACER replacement.

  • Slash Payroll Costs

    Lending executive

    Slash Payroll Costs

    Reduce your bankruptcy department payroll expenses by up to 80%. Automatically detect, research and file your responses to bankruptcy events without staff intervention.


  • Boost Profits

    Boost Profits

    Boost Profits

    Make better and faster lending and collections decisions with automated access to bankruptcy data. Reduce unnecessary losses and maximize profits on each bankruptcy you encounter.


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Pacer BuildingLoan Servicing Solutions

More than merely outdated notifications, our bankruptcy scrubs incorporate advanced PDF Data Extraction to do all research for you.

Check MarkLoan Origination Solutions

Make better loans and generate greater profits with more data available faster than ever.

FolderBankruptcy Collection Automation

With our data extraction and document filing system, you'll get more done by 10AM than most people do in a whole day.

Bag of MoneyDue Diligence

Save time, reduce costs and dig deeper into each bankruptcy to more accurately determine portfolio value.