Loan Origination

Hands down the most comprehensive bankruptcy dataset available. Quickly approve leads and parse out specific case details with our accurate bankruptcy monitoring and research tools.


Customized Workflow

Use our API to insert bankruptcy details into your decisioning workflow and reduce your credit report purchase costs.

Real-Time Data

Our system interacts directly with the PACER court system. You get exactly the data the court sees, parsed through our custom PACER mining tools, and validated through custom machine learning models.

Complete Picture

See and understand each applicants' complete financial picture with our PDF Document Parsing tools. Verify income, expenses, assets and surviving debt obligations by electronically reviewing the filed statements and schedules in any case.

Loan Origination With BankruptcyWatch


Upload and scrub potential loans at a reduced cost versus PACER or credit reports.

Checking notifications

Receive instant notifications for all entities with bankruptcy events.


Automatically incorporate case information at any point in the decisioning process.

Start Finding Bankruptcy Info Within Minutes

Loan origination tools are available through the platform, integrations, no-code tools, and our API.

BankruptcyWatch screenshot

Streamline Your Origination Workflow