The BankruptcyWatch Platform

The BankruptcyWatch Platform to manage bankruptcies. Scrub, monitor, research, and respond to bankruptcies within a single website.

Key Product Features


Quickly upload and Scrub your entire portfolio directly via our website to learn about relevant bankruptcies and their statuses.


Keep your portfolio active and get real-time updates for new filings and important case events.

File Claims

Easily know which cases need a claim filed, then file and track your claims in any district from a single place.

Export & Integrate

Scrub's import and export functions make it easy to use with any SOR or other platform. Seamlessly move information between systems and use the system that makes the most sense to you.

How it Works


Upload your portfolio as a CSV, through an integration, using SFTP, or through our API.

Viewing the interface

The platform reviews your portfolio for bankruptcies and returns details about relevant cases.

Work automated

Quickly decide your next steps with each borrower or case. File and track claims, export the findings to your SOR, write off loans, sell your bankruptcy debt, etc.

Accurate Notifications

Quickly Scrub every contact for bankruptcy. Find bankruptcies from before you started monitoring a consumer, clean up your database, and be sure your current process is accurate.

Locate Bankruptcies

Find all of the bankruptcies that you may not know about in your portfolio.

View Case Statuses

See which bankruptcies are still open and find the outcome of closed cases.

View Dismissals

Identify dismissed cases so you can easily restart collections efforts.

Increase Revenue

Know which bankruptcies you can still respond to and get paid from.
Advanced Case Monitoring

Keep an Eye on Every Case

Monitor bankruptcy cases and know when a case is dismissed or discharged. Notifications are sent to both your email and our notification dashboard. Build your workflow around events like plan confirmed or case reopened. Improve your bankruptcy process.

Improve Collectability

Find dismissals before selling bankruptcy debt and improve collectability on the ~19% of chapter 13s being dismissed within 90 days.

Stop Wasting Time

Monitor for dismissals before filing claims to avoid wasting your time.

React Instantly

Monitor for case reopened events to pause collection when a case is reopened.

Stay Up-To-Date

Monitor for discharges so you can charge off loans correctly.

One Form for Any Claim

File claims in any district through a single form. Automatically import case information to make filing a claim easy. Track which cases you have filed claims in.


Automatically import case information to make filing a claim easy.


Claims filing is just a click away.


Track which cases you have (and haven't) filed claims in.

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