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About BankruptcyWatch


Image of Lance Wickham
Lance Wickham

Lance studied electronic engineering at Brigham Young University – Idaho. He has over 15 years of management experience and has been a key leader in the area of bankruptcy law services. Prior to becoming the President and CEO of BankruptcyWatch, Lance served as President of Lincoln Law where he spearheaded a collaborative effort to develop solutions to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of the bankruptcy process. As a result, Lincoln Law has become one of the leading and highly respected bankruptcy law firms in the country that continues to help thousands of people get a fresh start in life.

Today at BankruptcyWatch, Lance is focused on providing cutting edge solutions for creditors. Through the PACER API and other unique solutions created by BankruptcyWatch, businesses can obtain fast, reliable and accurate information and are able to make highly informed lending and collection decisions.

Image of Andrew Gustafson
Andrew Gustafson

Andrew holds a law degree from U.C. Berkeley School of Law. His nearly 20 years of experience in the legal industry and his passion for uniting service and technology keep him intimately involved in developing products that promote efficient and affordable bankruptcy management solutions.

Andrew is also a Founder and Partner at Lincoln Law, a premiere law firm providing consumer solution services. Aside from his legal experience, Andrew has a passion for the use of technology as a tool to provide legal consumer solutions. He is the author and creator of a number of consumer law and consumer bankruptcy products. He co-created, for example, both the Debtor Education and Certification Foundation (DECAF) and Money Management International consumer education programs. These programs have provided millions of hours of debtor education and credit counseling.

Andrew believes in continuously finding innovative solutions—new services and products—that will benefit not only his clients and colleagues but also the community as a whole. Andrew’s direction, vision and passion have helped BankruptcyWatch reach and stay at the leading edge of bankruptcy research and management technology.

Jonathan Turkanis
Jonathan Turkanis
Software Architect

Jonathan Turkanis studied mathematics at Reed College and mathematical logic, philosophy and law at the University of California, Berkeley. Born in London and raised in Utah, Jonathan developed an interest in math and computer science early on in his life. He shares this passion by cultivating the next generation of computer programmers through his published works.  

Jonathan is the author of Boost lostreams library and several other C++ open source libraries covering a range of programming topics.  He is also the co-author of a popular programming textbook titled C++ Cookbook published by O”Reilly Media.   

Jonathan has been working in the software industry since 1998.  Among his major accomplishments included working on a major project funded by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and HSBC. He also developed one of the largest consumer bankruptcy credit counseling courses. Jonathan’s in-depth understanding of the PACER system coupled with his unique ability to solve complex problems that require elegant solutions have allowed BankruptcyWatch to offer products that solve problems, boost productivity and increase the bottom line.

Ryan Christman
Ryan Christman
Product Manager

Ryan brings a vast range of experience in product and process development to our team. Often at the nexus between business operators and their systems, Ryan has a passion and knack for identifying and providing solutions to business problems.

Early on in his career, he became involved in creating ISO-9000 standard operating procedures for CCE, a multinational government contractor which was awarded small business of the year by the Department of State. He then took a role in designing security procedures for a project with the OBO for the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. Ryan later co-invented Milibastions, a innovative military defense product relied upon by soldiers in remote areas in life and death situations.

Since 2010, Ryan has dedicated himself to software design, product incubation and process optimization within the realm of bankruptcy. Aside from his work with BankruptcyWatch, Ryan is the Director of Operations for Lincoln Law and Product Manager for CounselKit.

Always on the hunt for new insights, when he’s not designing new systems, Ryan can be found scouting for and crunching through new troves of data.

Industry Partners

Shaw Systems Associates is a financial technology company specializing in loan and lease servicing, collections and recovery management software. The company’s enterprise solutions  process millions of accounts daily and support more than $300 billion in assets for clients ranging in size from the world’s largest financial institutions to the local community bank.

Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions both big and small benefit from the range of services offered by ShawSystems including enterprise software implementation, upgrade and migration as well as professional consulting.

ShawSystems offers software services both on-site and in the cloud and it provides real-time accurate data to clients needing comprehensive information about borrowers. The data can include bankruptcy and other information crucial to fast and effective decision making in all matters related to lending.

Aside from offering clients a one-stop-shop software solution, ShawSystems also features knowledge solutions through subject matter experts who can consult on areas such as project management, strategic planning, quality assurance, workflow automation, interface design and development, conversions, data mapping, collections services, and much more.

CounselKit was formed by a number of the nation’s leading bankruptcy attorneys to provide innovative and cutting edge bankruptcy case management tools to debtor attorneys. They have created many tools that help consumer bankruptcy attorneys gain the competitive edge in today’s market while providing consistent, quality service to the debtors they represent.

CounselKit is a bankruptcy case management software which offers user-friendly functionalities including live data monitoring, customized workflow, billing, status update as well as bankruptcy preparation, document checking and filing.

Lincoln Law is a high-tech multi-state bankruptcy law firm. Since inception in 2001, they have provided debt relief to tens of thousands of individuals. Lincoln Law collaborates with various other firms nationwide and continues to push the boundaries of excellent service.

The team at Lincoln Law includes bar-certified bankruptcy specialists and staff who are ready to take care of their clients from start to finish. They provide free consultations and thoroughly examine every situation to provide clients with the best possible solution and a fresh start in life.