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Process smarter, service fearlessly, and make bankruptcy operations a breeze.
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Founded 2007

Processing hundreds of thousands of cases a year.

Industry’s only API-First Company

Built in a space that throws bodies at problems.

Cloud Native for Reliability

Continually improving, solid foundation.

The bankruptcy platform powering the best lenders.

Our vision is to create a world in which bankruptcy operations are easy, understandable, safe, streamlined, and unceremonious. BankruptcyWatch gives lenders the products and safeguards to automate these workflows while minimizing risk. We do this through our powerful API-first platform.

Lenders large and small rely on BankruptcyWatch to streamline their bankruptcy operations. They build true automation into their workflows to process bankruptcies at any scale, reduce fat-finger errors, organize bankruptcy information, ensure proper workflows, make the court their collection agency, and reduce risk by perfecting the whole system.

In a software-centered world, control is one of your greatest assets. Automation gives you that control and BankruptcyWatch gives you automation in its highest form.



The proven creditor bankruptcy platform

BankruptcyWatch has been the leading enterprise automation choice for bankruptcy departments since 2007.

215,000,000+Consumers Monitored

11,700,000+Cases Reviewed

9,900,000+Forms Parsed

1,130,000+Claims Processed


  • Lance Wickham

    Lance Wickham


    Lance has over 13 years of experience in the bankruptcy law services industry. Prior to becoming the President and CEO of BankruptcyWatch, Lance served as President of Lincoln Law where he spearheaded a collaborative effort to develop solutions to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of the bankruptcy process. Lance believes in continuously finding innovative solutions—new services and products—that will benefit not only his users and colleagues but also the community as a whole. Lance’s direction, vision, and passion have helped BankruptcyWatch reach and stay at the leading edge of bankruptcy research and management technology.

  • Jonathan Turkanis

    Jonathan Turkanis

    Chief Technology Officer

    Jonathan Turkanis leads development at BankruptcyWatch, overseeing projects to bring modern and intelligent automation to bankruptcy management. Jonathan studied mathematical logic, philosophy and law at the University of California, Berkeley where he was the co-author of a popular programming textbook titled C++ Cookbook published by O'Reilly Media. Previous to BankruptcyWatch, Jonathan developed one of the largest consumer bankruptcy credit counseling courses. Jonathan’s in-depth understanding of the PACER system coupled with his unique ability to solve complex problems that require elegant solutions has allowed BankruptcyWatch to transform bankruptcy management.

  • Jonathan Murphy

    Jonathan Murphy

    Sales Director

    Jon brings a helpful background to the bankruptcy scene with experience as an account executive in the mortgage industry and serving in the Coast Guard as a training & education system financial manager. Jon holds a degree in business administration management which was presented to him by United States President Bill Clinton.

  • Ryan Stone

    Ryan Stone

    Product Manager

    Ryan studied electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been a product manager for over three years, overseeing initiatives to improve access to bankruptcy automation tools. Prior to BankruptcyWatch, Ryan was an engineer at Lyft where he worked on self-driving cars.