Bankruptcy Research

Search, parse and organize data from any file in a bankruptcy case.

Key Product Features

Extensive Coverage

Utilize our API to search for cases in any district and parse the case information - including filed statements and schedules.

Accurate Data

Our system interacts directly with the PACER court system. This means you get exactly the data the court sees, parsed through our custom PACER collection tools, and validated through our machine learning models.

Optimal Savings

We have affordable plans to fit any use case. Because of our sophisticated approach, you can expect to reduce your bankruptcy department payroll expenses by over 80% and see a significant reduction in PACER fees.

Getting Started is Easy

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Locate relevant cases through our case locator tools.

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Research general case details such as case location information, chapter information, dates of important events, claims register details, creditor lists, and more.

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Research specific case details by retrieving information off of schedules A-J, the statement of intention, the summary of schedules, the statistical summary, or the creditor matrix.

Comprehensive Bankruptcy Information

Our bankruptcy research products combine machine learning and custom PDF mining to make bankruptcy information accessible.

Parse Statements and Schedules

Parse any schedule in a bankruptcy case. Receive the data through a no-code integration, as an XML document, or as a JSON.

Get Docket Information

Automatically pull, organize, and incorperate docket information.

Pull Claims Information

Pull the claims register and organize claim documents.

Bankruptcy Lists

Get detailed bankruptcy lists with case and party information for every case in the United States.

Bankruptcy ResearchMade Easy