This guide was super helpful. I wish I had read it earlier.

Stacey S., Bankruptcy Specialist

The Ultimate Guide to Proof of Claims

Access the forms, discover filing strategies, grasp the essential steps, examine real-life examples (both accepted and rejected), and utilize our intelligent form for a seamless filing experience.

Understand the Basics

Understand the basics of the Official Form 410 to file a Proof of Claim.

Create a Strategy

Learn more about the process of filing a Proof of Claim to strategically respond to bankruptcies.

Avoid Pitfalls

Explore each part of the Proof of Claim form and the common pitfalls.

The Ultimate Guide to Filing Proof of Claims

Navigating bankruptcy claims is complex. This guide outlines important workflows, citing key sections of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rule. Equipped with this guide and its additional resources, lenders can efficiently learn the basics of filing a Proof of Claim, explore explanations (with pictures) of every section of the form, access Proof of Claim examples, dive into our follow-up guide to mortgage Proofs of Claim, and learn more about our simple form to quickly file claims in any district.

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