Shaw Systems Associates and BankruptcyWatch

Shaw Systems Associates and BankruptcyWatch have teamed up to provide bankruptcy data for lease servicing, collections, and recovery management users. The company’s enterprise solutions process millions of accounts daily and support more than $300 billion in assets for clients ranging in size from the world’s largest financial institutions to the local community bank.

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Actively watch for new notifications

Automate research for cases found

Automate responses to bankruptcy events

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Key Integration Features

Comprehensive Bankruptcy Monitoring

Detect and track relevant bankruptcy filings. Optimize collection activities and ensure payments are taking place when cases are dismissed.

More than just Monitoring

Detect, import, parse, research, and act upon any case event that affects you.

Powerful Automations

Automatically update bankruptcy statuses, prepare Proofs of Claim, eFile court documents, create reaffirmation agreements, restructure loans, and sell debt.

Easy Bankruptcy Automation