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BankruptcyWatch Extreme Makeover: The Docket Report

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone

Apr 16 20242 minute read

Navigating a bankruptcy docket report shouldn't be a hassle. Recognizing everyone's frustrations, we rolled up our sleeves to revamp the Docket Report for our Platform. We focus on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and connecting the docket report to relevant workflows. Here are 4 things we’ve done to improve the experience (so far, there’s more to come):

Docket Report Example

Improvement 1: Less Clicks, More Efficiency

Forget the maze of endless clicks and scattered information. Our focus was on decluttering and streamlining everything:

  • Everywhere Access: You can jump to the Docket Report from any relevant page—be it the search page, consumer notification, case notification, or the case portfolio page.
  • One-View Wonder: Why juggle multiple tabs when you can see everything in one place? Documents, party information, and court details, all neatly presented on a single page.

Improvement 2: Don’t Break the Bank

The cost of accessing docket information can add up quickly. We’ve addressed this head-on:

  • Cached Results: Automatically viewed last cached docket reports at no extra cost. This simple yet revolutionary feature means big savings for our frequent users.
  • Proprietary Data: Incorporate one of the largest sources of proprietary bankruptcy data in the world, with millions of dollars of Court data cached for Platform.

Improvement 3: Connect to Actions

A docket report should be more than a static page. We turned it into a launchpad for action:

  • Easy Monitoring: Monitor for important docket updates by adding the case to your Case Monitoring portfolio.
  • Respond: Create and file Court documents like the Proof of Claim from the docket report page. See your filings appear on the docket report.

Improvement 4: Keep Innovating

This is only the beginning. We’re committed to continuous innovation. Expect more features, refinements, and tools to make your workflows efficient and delightful.

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