BankruptcyWatch & Infinity Partner Up For Improved Collectability

Mark Mauzy

Mark Mauzy

Mark Mauzy

Jun 28 20195 minute read

BankruptcyWatch, a leading bankruptcy data, and monitoring service, recently signed a joint partnership agreement with Infinity, an all-inclusive loan solutions platform.  

The partnership is aimed at further boosting Infinity’s state-of-the-art lending software system which helps lenders (primarily payday and short-term lenders) obtain fast, comprehensive, and accurate information about loan applications.

As a result of this joint effort, Infinity users no longer need to waste time dealing with the bankruptcy court when processing applications. BankruptcyWatch now provides Infinity with seamless, embedded and real-time bankruptcy information directly from the court database.

“This new data capability benefits Infinity users because they now get live access to bankruptcy information and perform instant bankruptcy checks resulting in faster, more reliable, and accurate decisions when processing loan applications or collecting on a potentially bankrupt debt,” said Lance Wickham, President of BankruptcyWatch.

Jennifer Klein, Support Manager at Infinity, added that the integration with BankruptcyWatch “adds an important new layer of service to the solutions we provide our clients.”

Infinity offers a host of services focusing on short-term, long-term, title, and other types of lending. Their clients include lenders of all sizes who want an all-inclusive fast, and hassle-free underwriting and loan management experience.

Wickham noted that the partnership is a perfect alignment of values since both “BankruptcyWatch and Infinity are committed to providing clients the solutions they need to remain compliant, give superior customer service and enhance their bottom line.”

BankruptcyWatch offers a comprehensive, live and accurate bankruptcy data and monitoring service to clients. Infinity’s software solution, meanwhile, covers services such as loan reporting and analysis, marketing, loan payment processing, collection, email, and text messaging among others.

The main benefits of this new partnership at a glance include:

  • Instant bankruptcy check saving clients time and money
  • Bankruptcy checks both before lending and while servicing loans
  • Receive and process information around the clock (brick and mortar and online)
  • Faster loan processing and increased loan term competitiveness

For more information about Infinity’s lending software services, email, visit, or call them at 1-866-792-3682.