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Announcing Scrub claims filing: one form to rule them all

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone

Dec 26 20221 minute read
Scrub claims filing

We are excited to announce the public launch of our new feature, proof of claim filing on the Scrub platform. This innovative tool allows you to file bankruptcy proof of claims through a single, easy-to-use form, saving you time and effort. And because the workflow is seamlessly joined with our monitoring system, early adopters are already considering it an invaluable tool in their bankruptcy department.

Gone are the days of wading through clunky CM/ECF district web forms. Our one, streamlined proof of claims form simplifies the process allowing you to generate and submit your proof of claim quickly and efficiently. 

Claims filing address input

✅ Automatically import case information to make filing a claim easy.

✅ Save and reuse address information as you would on Amazon

✅ One form to file a claim in any district–regardless of ePOC status.

✅ Track which cases you have filed claims in.

Whether you are managing five bankruptcies or three thousand, this product is sure to be a valuable asset. Its user-friendly design and intuitive interface make it easy for any staff member to use, regardless of their level of experience.

Take advantage of this opportunity to streamline your bankruptcy process. Get your hands on the bankruptcy proof of claims form today and fundamentally improve your bankruptcy operations. Contact us for a free demo.