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Infinity Partnership


BankruptcyWatch and Infinity have teamed up to offer you best-in-class bankruptcy monitoring and research capabilities.

Improve Collectability

Take back control of your bankruptcy accounts with BankruptcyWatch. Successfully stick with your bankruptcy cases and increase the likelihood of payment. Knowing when to stop and re-start collections activities is critical to ensuring you take the right actions at the right time and maximize the effectiveness of your collections activities.

Reduce Risk

Avoid unnecessary lawsuits by adhering to the bankruptcy court rules. Recent fluctuations in bankruptcy filing volumes have caused debtor-side bankruptcy attorneys to more aggressively pursue violating creditors. BankruptcyWatch has partnered with Infinity to keep you safe by immediately notifying you when a bankruptcy is filed regardless of how or whether you are listed by the debtor.

Slash Labor Costs

The cost to manually detect new filings, update accounts and react appropriately can easily outweigh the benefits. As a result, many lenders write off all bankruptcy accounts and literally throw money away. The BankruptcyWatch functionality integrated within Infinity’s platform instantly and dramatically increases your capability at a fraction of the manual cost.

Easy Setup

A short conversation is all it takes to activate your account. Contact us today and quickly realize the benefits of the BankruptcyWatch-Infinity partnership.