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Loan Servicing

Bankruptcies Made Easy

Every servicer hates dealing with bankruptcy. We understand the issues companies face when trying to sort through the myriad notifications that come by email or postal service. BankruptcyWatch automatically performs a bankruptcy scrub and gathers the necessary data so you can identify, monitor and make automated decisions regarding bankruptcy cases. We scrub the national bankruptcy database and alert you to new filings and changes. Our industry-first technology delivers the ability to fully automate the process from the initial filing all the way through case close.

Reduce Bankruptcy Costs

BankruptcyWatch is eliminating paperwork and cutting labor costs up to 80%! Our tools do the case research for you and give your system the information it needs to take appropriate measures. All of our processes are done electronically so you get the data you need quickly, accurately and in the right place. Stop wasting time and money paying staff to mindlessly read and enter data found in bankruptcy documents.

Improve Recovery

With BankruptcyWatch, you get more data than ever before. This allows you to get the big picture for each bankruptcy and have more control over your decision-making process without the added data entry expense. 

Comply With Regulations

As you come under fire more and more for stay violations, BankruptcyWatch limits your risks and arms you with the timely information you need to stay compliant.