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Loan Origination

Boost Your Profit Margin

BankruptcyWatch enables you to execute loans faster with lower risk and less cost than ever before. We give you the comfort of knowing that your company is making better lending decisions without all of the overhead and exposure your competitors have to deal with. Gain the competitive edge over others in your industry and increase your bottom line with BankruptcyWatch. 

Instant Loan Approvals

Time is money. Your business requires speed and accuracy. The faster your company produces an accurate and competitive approval, the more likely you are to get the deal. Because the process of reviewing documents can be automated using BankruptcyWatch’s tools, what took many minutes and sometimes several hours now takes just a few seconds. Give the applicant a firm approval before they have a chance to look elsewhere.

Make ‘Returns’ A Thing Of The Past

Debtors, debtor-facing stores and lenders all hate dealing with faulty pre-approvals that require property to be returned. BankruptcyWatch increases your accuracy and provides more data than ever before. This increases your ability to identify potential problems before the debtor walks out the door thinking everything is okay. Show your clients you care by reducing their returns and become their lender of choice.

Reduce the cost of scoring each applicant

BankruptcyWatch’s PDF Data Extraction tools are changing the way lenders use PACER to gather information about debtors. Stop paying your staff to manually review PACER data and read bankruptcy PDFs - especially if you are only underwriting a percentage of bankruptcy applicants. We automate that process for you and provide you with all of the data you need to make the best decision about an applicant’s loan terms.

Minimize Your Risk

Manually culling through bankruptcy data is expensive and prone to data entry mistakes. Because of this, you may not be collecting everything necessary to create the full picture and make the best decision possible. With our tools, you get hundreds of pieces of data accurately and instantly. Get in-depth insights into each case and execute smarter loans.